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Graduate Elective Course Project

Health Individual Infrastructure

Fall 2015

Individual Project
Instructor: Robert Adams

Project Brief


The challenge of this project is to highlight relevant issues in medical system with the ruination of the white coat, the symbol of the profession of medicine.




I am Me, a physician. Starting from the first day I entered the medical world, I knew mE. We grew up together, or to be more specific, I feed her and gossip with her. And the food is my secrets. She is the only one who I can share my stories, while most of them are the mistakes, in the medical system with. Medicine’s culture of denial and shame keeps doctors from ever talking about those mistakes. But I do need to confine, to ask others learning from my experiences and to know about their stories. Now, I can feel her resting on my shoulder, though a little bit over-weighted.




I am mE, a physician. Starting from the first day I was born, I knew Me. I grew up as she gets old. And my food is her secrets or mistakes that she decided to keep in mind all lifetime. And that’s also the reason that I am an equally authorized doctor as she is. However, I am in an obesity now and that’s why I strongly support her decision to share the stories and experiences. Do you see my appendages sprouting from my body? 

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